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Inclement Weather

Saturday, May 13th
Last updated: Saturday @7:30 AM

- Cecil Lewis: Canceled morning games.  1st game of the day will be 1PM.
- Heritage #2 & #3: Starting on time
- Nolensville #1: Starting on time
- Bethesda #5: Starting on time 
- Grassland 9A & 9B: Starting on time
- Crockett #3: Starting on time
- Franklin B: Starting on time


Please check back for future class cancellations and/or facility closures. You may also receive Inclement Weather updates by calling the department's Inclement Weather Hotline at (615) 591-8524.

For Athletic rainout information, call (615) 370-0209 or follow us on Twitter:  @WCPR_Athletics

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